Three Buck$

Exam / Interpretation

Interpret the folk tale “De trebukkene bruse” and create a concept based on the interpretation. The concept where then presented in the form of posters. The target audience for the concept should also consist of two different groups.
Strategy & Concept
My concept was a snowboard festival based on the folk tale. I implemented the magic number three from the tale, as there were three bucks, into my poster design. The three bucks were of different sizes as represented in the drawing in formof three progressive bigger jumps. As most tales this tale included a challenge which is a troll blocking the path. I chose to draw the troll as an representation of the fear many riders are faced with as they stand before the big jumps. The troll also represent the danger of riding jumps this big. In order to reach two different audiences I chose a playful colourful drawing style for the beginners with a bright diverse colour palette and a stark and could style with dark colours for the more advanced.
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