Exam / Packaging

Develop a new series of packaging forthe design collective/ shop Sukker. This was in correlation with thelaunch of their new website and logo. The client wanted a refinedelegant design while still keeping some of the bold and playfulspirit of the concept.

Strategy & Concept 
I chose to create a design with theplayfulness and uniqueness in mind. I created the pattern and thebanner design based on the shapes in their new logo. I balanced theplayfulness and elegancy by using bright colours whilst sticking witha clean forms and shapes. The design also reflect upon the bold“out-of-the-box” mindset as the design literary is going out ofthe box in front of the package. The same concept was integrated intothe the design of the lemonade packaging were parts of the bottlewere literary sticking out. This acted as way of making the bottlestay inside the packaging whilst also going along with the concept.
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