During the period which I studied in Southampton, the average temperature was 8.43 ºC, the total amount of rain was 450.2 mm, the highest windspeed was 27.6 mph, the highest air pressure was 966 mb. This outlines the topic I chose of my Final Major Project, which is weather and climate; and how it is changing. What made me decide on the weather as the subject for my one-year research project, I think, was the challenge of presenting something so common and in an engaging and exiting way. 
I set out to monitor the weather using primary research by making my own weather station that recorded, rain, air pressure, humidity and temperature. After a while, I moved on to more reliable sources of weather data which came from the local weather office that published weekly reports. The main sources of primary research then became photography, which I used in different ways. Cyanotype, one of the oldest forms of photography were you use sunlight to create an image became especially interesting.
While I was researching weather in my own way, things were happening in other parts of the world, which would have a significant impact on my project. When the News broke that Donald Trump was going to be the next president of the United States one of my first concerns was about his potential impact on the US climate related policies. I went to see Gavin Schmidt, a climatologist working in NASA, give a talk about the importance of monitoring the environment. A few days later news broke that Trump wanted to shut down NASAs climate research department and instead look into deep space exploration.
This made me alter the direction my project was moving and focus on ways the effects of climate change already could be seen in different locations of our planet today. Since I did not have the opportunity to go to this places myself, I used the google earth application as a camera. To find interesting compositions, I searched the landscape around each location and deliberately lined up the shot to capture exactly what I wanted, very much like a regular camera.
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